The Everest Edge


Satori doesn’t only excel at helping people get up their first mountain. We’re also the only company that we know of that operates on ALL 8,000 meter peak mountains around the world.

The Everest Edge was created specifically for adventurers that are just starting their mountaineering careers, but want to reach the pinnacle of a majestic mountain like Everest or another 8,000 meter peak mountain.

This is a big endeavor. It also takes a commitment of time, expense and work that is not for the faint of heart. But it’s an admirable goal and one that should be fostered for the right person.

Unfortunately, we see far too many climbers never reach that goal because they don’t have a set path, they don’t have the right preparation, and they don’t have the right skills suitable for the mountains they are attempting to climb.

In our evaluation for 8,000 meter peaks, we take these considerations into account before accepting clients and turn many away that we feel are not ready. Many companies just take the money. And what’s left? Frustration and disappointment when the client does not reach their goal, wasted time and money, and in some cases illness, injury … or worse.

The Everest Edge Program is simple.

Our Evaluation

We evaluate all factors relevant to where you’re starting from and where you want to go.

The Mountain Path

We provide a timeline of mountain climbs suitable to your circumstances (your timeframe, location in the world and expertise), and a clear plan on how to reach your summits.

Prepare, Get Feedback and Succeed

We’re with you every step of the way with weekly coaching, feedback reports on your climbs, credits towards your next climb, and tons of flexibility to make your ultimate dreams a reality.

You need a path forward

We understand what it feels like to dream … and not have any real idea how to make it happen. We’ll help create the right path for you to make those dreams a reality. And that path that will take you on the biggest and best adventures of your life.

Dreams Accomplished

Most people let one year after another pass by, no closer to their dream than the last year. We know what that feels like – and it sucks.

Because missed dreams are really missed opportunities. And those missed opportunities mean you don’t grow into the person you were meant to be.

Satori doesn’t just design a trip or package for you. We create a big, bright and adventurous path forward that guides you to that vision of yourself that you know can become the reality … with a little help.

The Everest Edge

Your mountain journey from where you’re at now to your biggest peak with the most options given to you by the only company operating on all 8k meter peaks, and all your specific life circumstances taken into account.

Initial assessment to establish your most effective training platform.

Personal “focus” calls with Satori Founder and President, Dan Nash.

Adventure Secrets online training program + weekly group calls with Satori staff to give you personal attention and maximize your gear knowledge, training and mental preparation.

Progress reports from mountain guides to better assess strengths and areas of improvement.

Credits earned with each subsequent climb to apply towards the cost of your 8,000 meter peak summit.

Save yourself from having to deal with multiple guide services that don’t invest in you or your success.

No need to pursue this goal on your own; instead be part of the Satori Explore Life Tribe … as we all strive to find the top of the world!