Satori Team Summits Mt. Everest

Satori Adventures and Expeditions is proud to announce that on May 20, 2017 between 0645 and 0715 hours, 6 clients, 6 Sherpa and guides reached the summit of Mt. Everest. The remaining team members and Sherpa are on their way to the summit and should be making their summit bid on May 21-22, 2017. For Satori Adventures and Expeditions safety always comes before success as we pride ourselves on a safe expedition that does not take unnecessary risks. Congratulations to the climbers who worked so hard and endured the bad weather and wind that Everest provided this year. A special congratulation to Mingma Tenji Sherpa who worked tirelessly for the success of the team, including two nights at the south col with clients and other Sherpa, providing guidance, support and a calming voice. With this effort, our team was able to be successful. The clients who reached the summit in the first push are as follows:

Sealy Samuel Peter, Austrialia
Chiesa Davide, Italy
Lobina Angelo, Italy
Dhankude Kishor Dattatraya, India
Brij Mohan Sharma, India

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