Daniela Liscio

Daniela is the founder and president of Eat for Sport, a health coaching business centered on working with athletes.  Daniela is also a member of the Satori Adventures and Expeditions guide team and their in house health coach, working with clients to ensure their prepared to reach their goal of getting to the summit.  Daniela is originally from Canada, but resides in the United States and prior to coaching and guiding was a partner in a corporate law firm in New York City.  Daniela’s educational background includes a Bachelors in Economics, a Masters Degree in Economics, along with an MBA and law degree.  Daniela is a certified guide via the American Hiking Guides Association (AHGA), has reached the summit of peaks in Nepal, Africa, Peru, Bolivia and Iceland, competed in numerous triathlons, to include the Canada Iron-man and run the Boston and New York City marathons.  Daniela is invaluable for clients making sure they are prepared for their adventures by helping them reach their fitness and nutrition goals.  Daniela’s expertise in fitness and nutrition helps separate Satori Adventures and Expeditions from other companies by making sure that our clients are the most prepared and have the absolute best opportunity for success.

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