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Locations: Tanzania.
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After your climb to the roof of Africa, or perhaps while you are waiting for your friends climbing Kilimanjaro, nothing beats a Tanzania Safari with the stunning views of the Wildebeest migration, with numbers estimated around 4 million. These are the last great herd migrations left on earth. Tanzania is famous for its wildlife, like prides of lions roaming the plains, Elephants, Water Buffalo, Rhinos, including the Black Rhino, which is an endangered species, Zebra, Cheetah and herds of Antelope. Bat Eared Fox, Hyenas and hundreds of species of birds. The Serengeti and surrounding parks have some of the most diverse game areas in the world. The viewing of migrating wildebeests and other animals to and from the Serengeti National Wildlife Park is one of the last places on earth to view the great natural spectacle of nature in its original state.

Our Tanzania Safari’s are catered to your needs, so we can put together trips from 3-10 days, with a variety of lodging options to include wild camps. Please contact us so we can put together just the right Tanzania Safari for your group.


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April 14, 2018