Paine Circuit, Torres del Paine, Chile

  • Location:
  • Difficulty: 2
  • Next Trip: To be announced
  • Trip Cost: 3,500.00

Trip Description

The Paine Circuit, Torres del Paine, Chile, is without a doubt one of the great trekking destinations in the world.  The park offers some of the best backpacking, hiking, and climbing anywhere in Patagonia, with the W and Paine Circuit leading the way as some of the best trekking in the world.  Backpackers and hikers around the world consider Patagonia and the Paine Circuit, Torres del Paine, Chile to be a “Life List” trek and one not to be missed. This is indeed a special place and one that everyone should see and explore and really is a trip of a lifetime. We offer two treks through Torres del Paine.  These treks are the longer Paine Circuit, which is usually a 8-9 day trek and includes the W Circuit, or the W Circuit on its own, which is a bit easier and usually consists of about 4 to 5 days.




Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Hostria Las Torres to Seron.  This hike will take us through some small canyons and open fields in between snow covered peaks, as we make our way to Seron, where we will camp for the night.  The views continue to be great, as we work our way around glacier fed rivers and streams.

Day 2

Seron to Dickson. This is the longest of the days on this trip, but none the less spectacular, as we hike along side and above huge glacier fed lakes, past waterfalls and in the face of snow capped mountains and glaciers as we approach the camp at Dickson.

Day 3

Dickson to Los Perros. The terrain begins to change on this day as we slowly begin to ascend through the old growth forest, along waterfalls and streams and past glaciers, as we make our way toward the treeline.  The camp at Los Perros is in the shadow of the John Gardner Pass and some spectacular mountains.

Day 4

Los Perros to Paso. For most people, this is the hardest day, as we ascend to the treeline and then climb our way up and over the John Gardner Pass.  On the way, we will travel near glaciers, glacial streams and some amazing terrain, before we cross the pass and gaze at Glacier Gray, which finds most people speechless.  We then descend down the other side of the Pass and camp at Paso.

Day 5

Paso to Los Cuernos. From Paso, we will continue to descend down, crossing glacier streams and at times utilizing metal ladders to help along the trail. We will travel along and then past Glacier Gray, before ending up at Los Cuernos for the night.

Day 6

Los Cuernos to the Valle de Frances and then to back to Los Cuernos. On this day, we will not break camp, but simply day hike up into the Valle de Frances to gaze upon the unusual shapes of forms of the stunning granite peaks that make up the Paine Massif.  We will then travel back to camp at Los Cuernos.

Day 7

Hosteria Torres to Camp Torres.  This hike will take us up the valley where we will camp within 1/2 mile of the base of the Torres del Paine, the 3 Towers.  This hike is mostly up hill, but has some spectacular scenery and an excellent camping area.

Day 8

Camp Torres to the Torres del Paine, then back down to camp near Hosteria Las Torres. Before breaking camp, we will make the short climb to the base of the Torres del Paine, where we will be in awe of one of the great creations of nature. We then hike back down to Camp Torres, where we will break camp and then work our way back down the canyon to Hosteria Las Torres.

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