Khan Tengri Expedition

Locations: Kyrgyzstan.
Difficulty: 7
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Our Khan Tengri Expedition is to one of the most beautiful peaks in the world.  The summit and sharp ridges form an almost perfect pyramid covered in snow and ice. During sunset the main summit often glows deep red due to the mountain consisting largely of marble.   Khan Tengri’s name means “Lord of the Spirits” or “Lord of the Skies” in the Uighur and “Ruler of the Skies” in Turkic as the mountain was worshipped as a god in in the indigenous shamanistic culture.

The mountain is located on the border with China in the very remote Central Tian Shan.
Khan Tengri is the second highest mountain in the Tian Shan Range at 22,998 feet/7,010 meters.  As the most northerly 7,000 meter peak in the world, this mountain can be subject to treacherous weather making it a potentially dangerous place to be under-equipped and ill-experienced. The northern latitude also makes the climbing season very short (mid-July to end of August).


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November 13, 2016