Everest Yoga Trek

Locations: Nepal.
Difficulty: 1
Next Trip: 05/01/2017
Trip Cost: 3,225.00

Join our Everest Yoga Trek and journey into the heart of the Khumbu Valley which is protected by the mighty Himalaya peaks.  For thousands of years pilgrims and seekers from India, Nepal, Tibet, and around the world have come to this area to practice yoga and seek spiritual enlightenment.  Both Hinduism and Buddhism converge in this area making this an even more spiritual place where any yoga practitioner can meld their love for nature and the mountains, with their yoga practice and meditation.

This really is a special trip that includes a clean and delicious vegetarian diet, the opportunity to practice yoga among the Himalaya giants, invigorating hikes, and on the last few days meditation, massage and steam baths to continue cleansing and refreshing the body.  This is so much more than a trek and so much more than yoga.  If you love the mountains and enjoy yoga and wish to experience these majestic sources together, then this trip is for you and truly like no other yoga opportunity in the world.

Everest Yoga Trek:  Overview

Location:  Kathmandu and Khumbu Valley

Duration:  15 days

Activity:  Trekking, yoga, meditation, massage

Highest Altitude:  3,985 meters/13,074 feet

Accommodations:  Hotel/tea house

Group Rates available:  Yes




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January 14, 2017