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Locations: Nepal and Tibet.
Difficulty: 9
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The Everest Edge was created specifically for adventurers that are just starting their mountaineering careers, or who have a goal of climbing Everest, or another 8,000 meter peak. Climbing Everest or any 8,000 meter peak is a big endeavor in time, expense and work. Unfortunately, we see far to many climbers never reach their goal due to not having a set path, proper preparation, or attempting one of these peaks before having the appropriate skills or experience. In our evaluation for Everest and other 8,000 meter peaks, we take these considerations into account before accepting clients and turn many away that we feel are not ready. There are companies out there that do not practice these same standards. This generally results in frustration and disappointment when the client does not reach their goal, a loss of time and money and in some cases illness, injury or worse.
Our Everest Edge program begins with each client being assigned a coach and an evaluation of your climbing experience and skills, along with your fitness and nutrition. We then design a program specifically for you and your goal of Everest, or whichever 8,000 meter peak you are striving for. We then take into account your logistics and set up a program of peaks and training that will prepare you for your goal. For example, if you live in the United States, we try and use peaks in North and South America to begin your preparation, until you have advanced to a place where we need to move to the Himalayas. If you live in Asia, we use peaks in this region to prepare you for your ultimate goal. There is no set or expected time frame. We use individual evaluations between our staff and the client to gauge progress and move forward at the safest and most feasible pace. Together the client and staff will set time parameters, short term and long terms goals and work together to achieve these goals. This time frame varies for each client depending on several factors including time availability, how fast your skills develop, athletic ability and work ethic.

Why Everest Edge?

Access to a professional guide and coach to evaluate your skills, fitness and nutrition for the mountains

Access via telephone or Skype with founder and president Dan Nash to discuss gear, altitude, preparation, mental aspects of climbing

No need to search for various guides services and try to figure out a plan on your own, we take care of building a plan for you based on your goal, progress, skills and fitness

Satori is the only guide service in the world that operates on all fourteen 8,000 meter peaks, therefore we can offer you the most choices

Progress reports from the guides after each climb showing your strengths, weaknesses and areas needed for improvement to help you steadily move toward your goal

Group calls with your guide and other program participants where you can ask questions, discuss progress, set goals, and gleam information from not only your guide, but other climbers in the program

Credits for each mountain that you attempt along your path, which you can then use to help with the cost of Everest or your 8,000 meter peak of choice

No need to pursue your goal on your own, be part of a group and family as we all strive toward the top of the world.


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September 16, 2018