Mt. Chopicalqui Expedition

Mt. Chopicalqui Expedition

  • Location:
  • Difficulty: 5
  • Next Trip: To be announced
  • Trip Cost: $2,350.00 USD

Trip Description

Climb Chopicalqui 1Our Mt. Chopicalqui Expedition takes you to the fourth tallest mountain in the Cordillera Blanca at 6,354 meters ( 20,846 feet). Chopicalqui is located between the Huascaran Sur and Contrahierbas Mountains and is known for its beautiful and amazing snow shelf, know as the “Mushroom”, not to mention the summit, which provides a spectacular 360 degree view.

As it is a good idea to acclimate before attempting Mt. Chopicalqui, many clients will climb Mt. Pisco, which is literally right across the valley providing great access and preparation for this bigger and more challenging peak.

Chopicalqui is located in the center of the Cordillera Blanca Range. Most expeditions start in the town of Huaraz (the “Chamonix of South America”) and take some form of transportation to the town of Yuangay, on the foot of Huascaran. A dirt road will then take you to the Yanganuca lakes and finally to the trailhead.  Base Camp is located on the bottom of the big pass in the shadow of Mt. Huascaran.


Trip Itinerary

Day 1

Huarez to Chopicalqui BaseCamp

Day 2

Base Camp to Moraine Camp

Day 3

Moraine Camp to Camp I

Day 4

Camp I to Summit and back to Camp I

Day 5

Camp I to Huarez

Day 6

Weather or acclimation day

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