Founder + President, Satori Expeditions

None of us are just a mountain man.
But we’ve all got some in us
… if we let him out.


I was a regular guy like you, with a very stressful job, just looking for something different and exciting in life. I had already evolved into a strong outdoorsman, but I wanted something bigger. And mountains became my savior. And as others saw what mountains did for me, they reached out for my expertise. Now, after climbing 60+ mountains around the world and developing relationships with the best partners and affiliates on the globe who subscribe to the same values I do, Satori has become a force of nature.

People often ask me, “Dan, how do you manage to do what you do day to day, and run Satori?

You see, my full time job of 25 years has been in law enforcement. And, after a career that spanned areas most people don’t even like talking about let alone could handle day in and day out, my focus the last few years has almost exclusively been human trafficking cases.

I love it. It’s hard, and often stressful, and even more often very disturbing. But it’s also what I do, what I’m good at, and fulfills a greater purpose. Pulling a woman or young girl out of a heartbreaking existence, makes the daily hardship (and let’s face it – especially these days) worth it.

But everyone needs a release. And for me, that release usually came in the woods, climbing mountains and seeing the world. Building on the skills I had started developing as a child, each and every year over the last three decades becoming a more proficient backpacker, climber, mountaineer and traveler.

And as I did that, I developed fantastic climbing partners and travel experts around the world, and learned these aspects of adventure travel inside and out. Satori was created when I was asked by fellow adventurers to provide adventures they saw me living.

Hiking the Ozarks was already operating – the local hiking and outdoor education company I founded (before Satori) to encourage people to not only get out in the beautiful Ozarks I call home but also to empower and manage themselves by learning skills and putting those skills to work when bad things happen out in the wilderness.

Because when people empower themselves out in the woods, they empower themselves in life.

And when people take those skills internationally, they do even more amazing things. There’s some reason people are called to the tops of mountains, or see something new - or even familiar - in an unknown place.

Maybe, like me, it’s to see life from a different perspective and one that is very different than the everyday stresses they face.

But I think it’s much more significant. Because somehow, when people get back from those adventures, life is far richer. It is more interesting. More well rounded. It’s more fulfilled.

It’s remarkable what I’ve seen happen to people after I’ve helped them climb their first mountain, or complete their first exotic trek in a place they’ve only in the past dreamed of visiting.

THAT’S the real reason Satori has grown and thrived. It’s why I’ve grown and thrived.

If you want to better understand how to enrich your life through the greatest adventures in the world – and actually make them happen, make them happen to the best of your ability, and make them happen so you get the most out of them when you get back home – get in touch.