Pequeno Alpamayo Expedition

Satori K2 Expedition

As a leader in guiding 8,000 meter peaks around the world, Satori Adventures and Expeditions prides our self on safety and client experience, so this summer we sent a special group of Sherpa guides along with two very experienced clients to Pakistan to climb K2, work on logistics and examine the…

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Mt. Pisco team reaches the summit

On June 30, 2016, all eleven members of the Satori Adventures and Expeditions Mt. Pisco team reached the summit and are now resting back at base camp. The team had great weather during the trip and performed well despite this being the first big mountain for 10 of the 11 team members.  This is…

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Everest North side team reaches the summit

On May 21, 2016, the Satori Everest North side team has reached the summit of Mt. Everest. Six climbers and six Sherpa made it to the summit, including team members from Italy, Spain, Brazil, India, Poland and Japan. In all Satori put 13 clients and 16 Sherpa on the summit of Mt. Everest this…

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Everest South Side Team reaches the summit

The Satori Everest South side team is safety back at camp II and will be making their way to base camp today. Congratulations to the 7 clients and 10 Sherpa from Satori that reached the top of the world on May 19, 2016. With clients from around the world to include Japan, India and Iran we were…

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Everest Base Camp

Everest teams preparing for summit push

The Satori Expeditions Mt. Everest teams on the south and north sides are acclimated and resting at their respective base camps.  The teams will be getting a few days of well deserved rest before attempting a summit push around May 16-17, 2016.  God speed to both…

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