Mt Alpamayo

Mt. Pisco Team Reaches the Summit

The first Mt. Pisco, Peru team reached the summit on a beautiful crisp morning that provided great views.  Congratulations to everyone that made this trip successful.  Mt. Pisco really is the best beginner or training mountain in the…

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Alpamayo team reaches Huaraz

The 2017 Satori Mt. Alpamayo team has reached Huaraz, Peru. After an acclimation hike tomorrow, the team will head out along the Santa Cruz Trek on the way to Alpamayo, one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Good luck and Godspeed to the…

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Khumbu Icefall

The Khumbu Icefall, which lies a short distance from Everest Base Camp and ranges from 5,200 meters (17,060ft) to 5800 meters (29029ft), is an ever-changing and fast-moving river of ice that continues to challenge and inspire mountaineers from all over the world. The icefall is situated at the…

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Satori Team Summits Mt. Everest

Satori Adventures and Expeditions is proud to announce that on May 20, 2017 between 0645 and 0715 hours, 6 clients, 6 Sherpa and guides reached the summit of Mt. Everest. The remaining team members and Sherpa are on their way to the summit and should be making their summit bid on May 21-22, 2017.…

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Everest South Side Staff Leaves for Base Camp

The 2016 Satori Everest support team are well on their way to Everest Base Camp and will be arriving in a few days. The team is trekking up the Khumbu Valley will yak loads of gear destined for Everest Base Camp. Upon their arrival, they will begin the process of building a camp on the glacier,…

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Manaslu Winter Attempt

French climber Elisabeth Revol is continuing her winter attempt of Manaslu. While the Satori team is supporting her at base camp. Revol and her climbing partner Ludovic Giambiasi, who will climb with her to camp II, report strong winds, cold temperatures and heavy snow. It has snowed most every day…

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Great 2016 and now on to 2017

2016 was a banner year for Satori Adventures and Expeditions.  We sent more clients on great adventures than in any year prior. These included our first time ever running Mt. Everest Expeditions from both the south side and the north side at the same time.  Having 13 of 15 clients reach the…

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Satori Manaslu team reaches the summit

On October 1, 2016, between 0630 and 0730 hours, nine members of the Satori Manaslu Expedition reached the summit of Manaslu at 8,163 meters (26,763 feet). The team is now resting at camp III and will be heading down to base camp tomorrow. Thanks again to all the Sherpa and support staff who are…

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