The Tribe

Satori Expeditions LIVE!
Lets Climb your mountain together

You’ve been assuming that adventure travel is a “nice to have” … except it’s really kind of a must have.

Satori gives hard working people the adventures they crave.
Because when you feel alive, you’re inspired to get more out of life.

You’re an Adventure Seeker.
So let’s make it happen.

It’s ALL important. Work. Family. LIFE. But you also need to feel ALIVE. We get it (’cause we’ve been there). And helping you feel totally alive and inspired to get the most out of life is exactly why we do what we do.

Satori takes YOU and YOUR life into account to design the perfect mountain or trekking adventure AND prepares you to get the most out of it. Because when you get the proper training to tackle the mental and physical challenges you’re looking for, you can’t help but grow into the person you were meant to be.

This Isn’t “Just about a Trip”!


– Dan Nash

Is life coming up short? Are you feeling unfulfilled? Do you feel like something is Missing?

Usually, for interesting and dynamic adventure seekers, what’s missing is ADVENTURE. Because when you satisfy that adventurous spirit that’s calling out to you, and you end up feeling more alive than ever … that’s when real fulfillment happens. 



The fire is in each of us … but together it burns brighter and longer.

Feel fully alive with the strength of a tribe thirsty for life. Find your place with adventurers who crave that same excitement.