Our Mission

Satori is a Buddhist term for enlightenment that literally means “understanding”.  In the Zen Buddhist tradition, Satori refers to a flash of sudden awareness, or individual enlightenment and is considered a “first step” or embarkation toward nirvana.  Satori Adventures and Expeditions assists in this individual enlightenment by providing our clients with the best possible outdoor experiences in some of the world’s most amazing locations.  Our goal is to provide you with a safe life changing experience that will help transform and enrich your life for years to come

Company Overview

Satori Expeditions was founded in 2008 by Dan Nash after spending much of his life in the outdoors and exploring around the world.   Dan’s love for teaching and helping others explore the outdoors led him to create a boutique style service that focuses as much on education and the experience as it does on reaching the summit.  Our model is based upon small groups, great guides, sharing knowledge and creating a custom experience.


As a small boutique style guide service, we work closely with local partners, who are as much of friends as they are our colleagues.  This allows us to provide the highest level of logistics and services in the industry.  When climbing big mountains in foreign countries, the quality of these services is essential. It allows us to focus our strength and resources on climbing, knowing we have fantastic support.

Our Team

Satori Adventures & Expeditions